We farm, process and market raw shrimp while continually promoting responsible and sustainable aquaculture that preserves natural resources.


Sahlman Seafoods of Nicaragua is a producer and exporter of farmed shrimp (Litopenaeus Vannamei) based in Chinandega, Nicaragua. The shrimp farm is located on Isla Mangles Altos, Chinandega and started operations in 1996

Sahlman Seafoods has received the Award for Corporate Excellence, Producción Más Limpia (PML) and has been the pioneer company in the shrimp industry when it comes to environmental protection. Sahlman Seafoods of Nicaragua was one of the first two companies in the industry to receive de Best Aquaculture Practices Certification from the local Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in March 2011.


The processing plant is located inEl Viejo, Chinandega, Nicaragua. The plant has a daily processing capacity of 100,00lbs and has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Union. The production processes are standardized by HAACP norms and additional plans since 1998.

Sahlman Seafoods’ products are marketed under the BeeGee brand, recognized globally for its quality and tradition. Packaging available in these presentations:

Farmed Head-On Shrimp: 1kg, 2kg y 4lb
Farmed Headless Shrimp: 2kg, 4lb y 5lb


Corporate Social Responsability

At Sahlman Seafoods of Nicaragua there is a clear commitment with the responsible use of the natural resources and the development of the surrounding communities.

In 2011, Sahlman Seafoods was presented with the Award for Corporate Excellence by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the US Department of State, recognizing Sahlman Seafoods’ role in environmental conservation and promotion of socially responsible practices.

In 2012 Sahlman established the Fundacion Sahlman to execute the company’s CSR Strategy and Budget.

Fundación Sahlman’s health program aims at improving the public health services and to make investments in facilities within the areas where Sahlman Seafoods operates. Fundacion Sahlman also contributes to other private health organizations that target specific health issues among them an organization that raises funds for the treatment of cancer in children.

The education program includes donations for infrastructure for the area schools as well as a scholarship program for the community.

Year after year Sahlman Seafoods of Nicaragua and now Fundacion Sahlman has been active in partnering with local organizations and local governments to raise awareness about the proper use of natural resources.

For more information visit www.fundacionsahlman.org.ni


Through the innovative red mangrove reforestation, Sahlman Seafoods became the benchmark in the natural reserve and has maintained leadership in environmental protection. Sahlman Seafoods sponsors a yearly planth-a-thon where school children from the areas surrounding the shrimp farms spend the day planting mangrove tree plantules. Along local institutions, Sahlman Seafoods has a biodiversity program that includes repopulating and censing of endangered species and migratory birds.

Sahlman Seafoods created the first soil map in the industry to monitor the health of the ecosystem. A strict waste management program is in place to guarantee proper disposal, re-usage and recycling of materials used in our processes.

Sahlman Seafoods of Nicaragua is committed to continue promoting responsible and sustainable aquaculture that preserves the natural resources and carry on as a source of assistance for progress in our community..

The company has started a reforestation project in El Tuma-La Dalia, Matagalpa planting teak and other native species. This project is intended to become a source of wood from sustainable sources. At the same time contributing to the protection of the local forest. In doing so, it will also be a key player in slowing the effects of climate change by capturing carbon dioxide.